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2016| Vultures Vengeance (it) – Rising, 7” | UT 001

Demo re-issue of one of italys finest Heavy Metal acts.
Ripping Heavy Metal from the capital, rome!
500 handnumbered copies.

2017| Witchtower (esp) – Hammer of Witches, LP | UT 002

Traditional Heavy Metal with a passionate anthem to the NWoBHM era! Black, red and deep purple col. VInyl. SOLD OUT

2018| No Quarter (NWOBHM) – Songs In Circles, LP | UT 003

No Quarter – Songs in Circles
In 1981 the fourpiece from Wales recorded their first demo Tape “Songs in Circles” with an impressing run of 1500 tapes.
Macmillan quotes No Quarter as one of the most individualistic acts to have emerged from Wales in the NWOBHM era which sure is manifested on what we consider some of their best material.

Recorded at Qu‘appelle Studios Newport, in 1981.
Restored and remastered at the The Devil’s Mark Studio, Rome in October 2017. Produced in cooperation with Mark „Griff“ Griffiths by Unsilent Tombs Records.
Cover Artwork by Lena Richter.
Black, green and deep purple col. VInyl.

2019| Witchtower (esp) – Hammer of Witches, Picture-LP + Patch | UT 004

Comes with a handcrafted patch embroidered on artificel leather.
lim. 100, SOLD OUT

2019| IONA (NWOBHM) – Don’t Cry For The Innocent, CD | UT 005
2019| IONA (NWOBHM) – Don’t Cry For The Innocent, LP | UT 006

IONA – Don’t Cry For The Innocent
Known for their energetic live shows and exclusively original material, this five piece from Pontypool, formerly named GBH, rapidly grew a grassroots audience in South Wales and the West of England. According to Macmillan ‘this bunch of Gwent-based metalheads further helped to establish Welsh music as a real force to be reckoned with in the NWOBHM era’.

In September 1982 their sought-after single ‘Don’t Cry For The Innocent’ scored a remarkable number two position in the Heavy Metal Chart of the world’s oldest weekly music newspaper ‘Melody Maker’.
This ten track anthology pays tribute to one of Britain’s finest, featuring their highly-prized 1982 single alongside eight tracks laid down by the end of 1980.

Produced in cooperation with Andy Berry and Geoff Smith
by Unsilent Tombs Records.
Restored and remastered at the The Devil’s Mark Studio

Black, white and deep purple col. VInyl.

2020| Witchtower (esp) – Witches’ Domain, CD | UT 007
2020| Witchtower (esp) – Witches’ Domain, LP | UT 008

Three years after their highly appreciated “Hammer of Witches” album the fourpiece from Jaen, Andalusia deliver the more than worthy successor.
Fierce Traditional Heavy Metal pairs with a passionate anthem to the NWOBHM era and its influences!
Visual magic(k) on the Cover Artwork: Lena Richter

Black, yellow and deep purple col. VInyl.

2021| Poison Leather (esp) – Trapped in The Abyss of Chauvet, CD|UT 009
2021| Poison Leather (esp) – Trapped in The Abyss of Chauvet, LP|UT 010

Poison Leather (Esp) – Trapped in the Abyss of Chauvet (Ancestral Ritual Fire)
Forged in the depths of the underworld Poison Leather’s debut MLP carries the torch of early Black Metal, taking the listener on a journey through the caves of Chauvet to the dawn of men and the ancient lore that lies within.
Whilst paying tribute to the old masters of the genre Poison Leather is creating a unique atmosphere of bestial brutality carried by strong riffs, yet interstellar transcendence at times.

Be lost on their way and follow the ancestral ritual fire…

The mini album will be released on vinyl and CD and is scheduled for early 2021
Black vinyl: 14€
Deep Purple colored Vinyl: 16€
Bronze vinyl: 16€
Labels and distributors get in touch for wholesale conditions.
Recommended for fans of Bathory, Celtic Frost, Sarcofago, Nifelheim, Desaster, Necromantia or D666…
Trapped in the Abyss of Chauvet (Ancestral Ritual Fire) was recorded at Moontower Studios (Terrasa) & Gorgon Studios (Murcia) between March and May 2020 Anno Vulgaris with Javi Félez commanding the Ritual Art. It was mixed and mastered by Javi Félez at Moontower in May and June 2020.
Cover Artwork by Chris Moyen.
Produced by Unsilent Tombs Records (c) 2020.

2022| Toca Madera (esp) – Toca Madera, LP | UT 011

2022| Toca Madera (esp) – Horizontes Prohibidos, LP | UT 012

Toca Madera – s/t and Toca Madera – “Horizontes Prohibidos”

Toca Madera deliver their second mini album “Horizontes Prohibidos” on october 21st, 2022!

The oldschool Heavy Metal fourpiece from jaen, andalusia has been around since 2014 and just finished their second mini-album „Horizontes Prohibidos“. Following a long tradition of spanish Heavy Rock/ Heavy Metal bands singing in their native language, (such as Baron Rojo, Muro etc. to name some of the household names) TOCA MADERA convince with well thought song structures, excellent guitar work, individual bass lines and strong vocals.

Their first, self-titled mini album was released on CD format in 2019 and will finally see the light of day on vinyl together with their new mini album „Horizontes Prohibidos“ in autumn this year. To those who have been following WITCHTOWER (esp) ever since, the personal behind TOCA MADERA might ring a bell. WITCHTOWER founder Victor M. de la Chica signs for the musical credits whilst main vocalist José Vico is taking care of most of the lyrics. Drummer José Jiménez has been behind WITCHTOWER’s batterie around the „Hammer of Witches“ era and beyond and WITCHTOWER guitarist Antonio J. Morillas also ripped the strings for TOCA MADERAs first, self-titled mini album.

Both releases come in a solid 350g/m² Cover including a lyricsheet.
Black vinyl, lim. 300 each.