IONA – Don’t Cry For The Innocent LP, white vinyl


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Known for their energetic live shows and exclusively original material, this five piece from Pontypool, formerly named GBH, rapidly grew a grassroots audience in South Wales and the West of England. According to Macmillan ‘this bunch of Gwent-based metalheads further helped to establish Welsh music as a real force to be reckoned with in the NWOBHM era’.

In September 1982 their sought-after single ‘Don’t Cry For The Innocent’ scored a remarkable number two position in the Heavy Metal Chart of the world’s oldest weekly music newspaper ‘Melody Maker’.

This ten track anthology pays tribute to one of Britain’s finest, featuring their highly-prized 1982 single alongside eight tracks laid down by the end of 1980.

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Produced in cooperation with Andy Berry and Geoff Smith by Unsilent Tombs Records.
Restored and remastered at the The Devil’s Mark Studio
All rights reserved.

White Vinyl (lim.100), authentic 360g/m² Cover with inside out print, illustrated 4 Page Insert

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